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Adequate power must be available for power requirements of power source being utilized to provide weld current required.

  • Proper relationship between lift, plunge, time and amperage is necessary to obtain sound welds. Refer to your machine manual for suggested settings.

  • The “ground” connection must be attached securely to a clean section of the steel.

  • Cable length, condition, size, and number of connectors have an effect on power drop at the gun and must be taken into consideration. Use the shortest possible cable length.

  • Air gaps, moisture, rust, paint, galvanizing, and dirt will affect the weld soundness.

  • Stud material should be free of rust.

  • Ferrules must be dry.

  • Hold gun at right angle to work, hold ferrules firmly against work surface, pull trigger once, do not move gun during weld, remove gun from stud after weld is completed.

  • Top flanges of beams receiving studs should be free of paint, galvanizing, heavy rust, mill scale, dirt, sand, fireproofing, or other materials that will interfere with the welding operation.

  • Water or ice must be removed from the top flanges before stud welding.

  • Do not weld studs if temperature of weld material is zero degrees or less.

  • Where possible, weld studs to the center of the beam flange to eliminate “arc blow”.

  • Refer to the instruction manual for you machine to determine starting settings for recommended weld time and current settings.

Through Deck Stud Welding:

  • Deck sheets should be properly fastened to the steel to eliminate “air gaps” between the deck and steel.

  • Deck sheets should be free of dirt, sand, or other foreign materials that can affect the weld.

  • Any water (or ice) on the deck or between the deck and the steel must be removed prior to welding.

  • Flanges of steel receiving shear studs should not be covered by deck high hats.

  • Do not shoot studs through deck that has been “lapped” over another sheet or over flashing.

  • Integral “loop type” hanger tabs must be “pounded down” to make the deck rest tightly on the steel at the weld point.

  • Do not shoot studs through flashing or deck heavier than 16 gauge.

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